Friday, August 12, 2011

Where have I been?

I have completly forgot about this blog and only remembered when my sister Gail mentioned that she read it. So here I am again, writing about nothing in perticlur.

I had a nice vacation with my husband last off the month. We went to Montreal for five days and I really enjoyed myself. We went to a Cirque du Solie show and we also went to a cruise dinner with a four hour tour around the city. Poor Dennis pushed me all around Montreal in the wheelchair. We really tought that we could get on the subway and the busses but that was not possible with the chair. It was surprising how not wheelchair accessable Montreal was. Quite dissappointing to Dennis but I still had a great trip. I enjoyed as much as I could with the chair as my limitations. Such a great way to celebrate our 25th wedding annvisary.

Since coming back from Montreal I have been having a few health problems, but I am sure they are nothing to do with the trip. Just problems with my stomach and my back hasn't been the greatest either. Not eating the greatest because off my stomach and having a really hard time to make meals because I can hardly stand up with the pain in my back. I have already went to the pain Dr to see about the back and he is going to give me some shots in the back for the pain. Not sure how I feel about that ( well I know how I feel, I hate the thouht off it ) but it is what it is I guess.

Soon my famly is celibrating my gran mothers (my dads mom) 100th birthday. It is going to be nice to see some family that I havn't seen is years. It has been in the works for months with one off each family meeting each month to dicuss what needs to be done and how to get it done. I am glad it wasn't me to have all that work to do.

Well I hope I don't take so long to remember that I have this blog and come back to write again soon.

Later gators

Friday, April 29, 2011

Here again!

Why is it everytime I try to get into this site I have a hard time. I always have to ask Alex how to do it, anyway I am here now.

Well I am trying to reduce some off the pills I have been taking for years. I started with the anti depressants and now this week I am trying the sleeping pills. If I can do that then maybe I can get rid off a few high blood pressure pills. Then maybe I can work on some off the pain pills I have and that would be the greatest.

I am so anxious for the nice weather to start and that will make me more mobile I think. Well I hope. Today was the first day I got to sit in the porch and it was great. I saw Gail coming home from getting Colby and she stopped in and I got to read a few chapters in my book.I can't wait for the comfort off spring and summer but mostly spring as it isn't as hot.

Dennis and I are planning a trip to Montreal this summer and I can't wait.It is going to be great fun. Just Dennis and me together for our 25 year off marriage.I don't know where the time has gone. Twenty five years already.

Well that is my thoughts for now

Friday, March 4, 2011

Just thinking

I don't know what is wrong with me that I just can't sleep when I go to take a nap.I lay there for such a long time just thinking off all kinds off things. Some time I think off things that are going on in my life at that time but other times it is just random things. It is great if I could just write all my thoughts down while I am laying there as my mind is just working overtime.I would love to have some thing that I could have to just have my thoughts recorded and printed or writen while my mind is working ovetime. Maybe then I could get some sleep. I will be going to take a nap soon and I am sure my mind will not rest. I thought that I would write this before I go take a nap but right now there is nothing runing through my mind, but as soon as I lay down I am sure it will be going like crazy, why is that?

When I get up I am sure I will not remember what it is I was thinking off when I was laying there. It just drives me crazy. Maybe I should just borrow Alex's tape recorder and just say outloud and record my thoughts, I wonder if that would work but I just bet that I would not think off a thing to say when it would be so easy.

Well what do you know, I didn't lay for an hour thinking this time as I was on the phone for half an hour. Oh well there is always tomorrow.

Later days

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I was just thinking

Ever time I lay down to take a nap or even to go to bed, my mind just races. I can't stop thinking about everything and anything.It is crazy.

I sometimes like to lay down and just let my mind wander. I think off what I have been through with this decease and how I have dealt with it.I worry about Alex and Dennis when they are away from home.I worry about dad and hope he is doing ok.Then I can wonder to what to make for supper or if I am getting the chance to go out when Dennis is off, I hate that I have to wait for him to take me out because I can't drive anymore. That is hard to think off, all the stuff that I can't do anymore because off MS.It has taken a lot away from me already but I am still able to get out and I can still live my life as well as I am able. Can't give in to the decease.

Always thinking, keeps the brain healthy.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another day!

I had a good day with Dennis.We went to Tims for coffee and had a nice chat. I am so glad that we are still able to do that. I love him and he is so good to me.

When I was first diagnosed with MS he was there for me and has helped me through some really rough times.He is there for me for the physical and the mental times that I go through.I know he will do what ever he can to make me comfortably and to help me with the pain I go through. I know he feels bad when I am having a bad day. He worries about me I know.I try to not let him know how bad I feel because I don't want him to worry.

I do not worry about how this decease is going to affect me in the years to come. I believe that there will be a cure for this soon and hopefully in the next few years. At least I feel a cure coming soon. This is a decease that you have to deal with in a positive state off mind.There is no cure for this yet but I beleive that if you deal with it one day at a time then you will be ok.I am not one to over read about this kind off thing and I don't dwell on it too much or talk about it too much.I don't want to have people feel sorry for me as I am not dying and I know this is not curable yet but I beleive it is what you make it.
Anyway life is what you make it.Live life and be happy

Monday, January 31, 2011

Well that was fun trying to start a new post.

But thanks to my wonderful daughter who has the patience off Jobb with me most times.

Just got a call from dad. I am so glad that I still have him as I miss mom so much and it is so hard without her. I miss calling her and getting all the gossip and just remembering all the old times.

We have had lots off great times with mom over the years before she got sick and really before I got sick. We would go for a weekend trip once a year to see the girls down south off the province.Those were great times.The drive down was just as great as the visit.Boy I miss those times.
We tried the trip once before she passed and it was good but a little more stressful, but I am glad we went.We did go last year with just the girls but it was not quite the same without mom.We stayed at my sister's Cindys and she is the best hostess in the world.I had to get Lori to drive as I can't drive anymore. Another loss from the MS not being able to drive anymore.

I remember just before she passed I was wondering how I was going to be without her. She has been there for me when I was feeling alone and she was there for me to call. I think she knew that I needed someone to talk to about being left behind with no one to talk to because off my sisters who I talk with are busy with their lives and they have a lot on their plates with their families.

When I was first dignosed they were all there for me and everyone wanted to be there to help if I needed something. I have been dignosed for must be ten years or more now and as time goes on people forget that I am still with this decease and I still have a lot off these feelings off being alone.I really don't want people to know how I feel about all this and that is why I wanted to do this blog. Just to have a place to write what I want to write.I just wanted a place to put my thoughts down and I think I am going to like this.

Till next time

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Just wanted to see if I could do this sort off thing. I have no idea what I am doing but feel like I would like to put some off my thoughts out there and see where it takes me.
This is all new so I won't be doing too much off it or maybe I will, we will see.
So lets see what my thoughts are today. Today is a really pretty good day with being able to go upstairs in my home to get the spare room ready for out new Chinese student coming next month.It feels great that I was able to to that and now I will be going to make supper. For my family this is big as they know that I can't do too much in one day with the MS.I am not complaining about the MS as I have been living with it since 1999 and have learned to accept it.I am just limited as to how much I can do and know those limits.
Today is a great day and it is great to be alivc.
Good times everyone