Friday, August 12, 2011

Where have I been?

I have completly forgot about this blog and only remembered when my sister Gail mentioned that she read it. So here I am again, writing about nothing in perticlur.

I had a nice vacation with my husband last off the month. We went to Montreal for five days and I really enjoyed myself. We went to a Cirque du Solie show and we also went to a cruise dinner with a four hour tour around the city. Poor Dennis pushed me all around Montreal in the wheelchair. We really tought that we could get on the subway and the busses but that was not possible with the chair. It was surprising how not wheelchair accessable Montreal was. Quite dissappointing to Dennis but I still had a great trip. I enjoyed as much as I could with the chair as my limitations. Such a great way to celebrate our 25th wedding annvisary.

Since coming back from Montreal I have been having a few health problems, but I am sure they are nothing to do with the trip. Just problems with my stomach and my back hasn't been the greatest either. Not eating the greatest because off my stomach and having a really hard time to make meals because I can hardly stand up with the pain in my back. I have already went to the pain Dr to see about the back and he is going to give me some shots in the back for the pain. Not sure how I feel about that ( well I know how I feel, I hate the thouht off it ) but it is what it is I guess.

Soon my famly is celibrating my gran mothers (my dads mom) 100th birthday. It is going to be nice to see some family that I havn't seen is years. It has been in the works for months with one off each family meeting each month to dicuss what needs to be done and how to get it done. I am glad it wasn't me to have all that work to do.

Well I hope I don't take so long to remember that I have this blog and come back to write again soon.

Later gators