Friday, April 29, 2011

Here again!

Why is it everytime I try to get into this site I have a hard time. I always have to ask Alex how to do it, anyway I am here now.

Well I am trying to reduce some off the pills I have been taking for years. I started with the anti depressants and now this week I am trying the sleeping pills. If I can do that then maybe I can get rid off a few high blood pressure pills. Then maybe I can work on some off the pain pills I have and that would be the greatest.

I am so anxious for the nice weather to start and that will make me more mobile I think. Well I hope. Today was the first day I got to sit in the porch and it was great. I saw Gail coming home from getting Colby and she stopped in and I got to read a few chapters in my book.I can't wait for the comfort off spring and summer but mostly spring as it isn't as hot.

Dennis and I are planning a trip to Montreal this summer and I can't wait.It is going to be great fun. Just Dennis and me together for our 25 year off marriage.I don't know where the time has gone. Twenty five years already.

Well that is my thoughts for now

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  1. Hey Lynn.. Keep blogging.. I like reading your stuff or thoughts.. You haven't posted in awhile...